Bio-Analytical Services

 Dx-Sys Inc. specializes in providing services for Immunodiagnostics worldwide .Dx-Sys Inc. has developed lateral flow and flow through Immunodiagnostic kits as well as Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays for a number of analytes. In addition to the contract R & D, we are also a leading supplier of Antibody coated microtirer plates, Stabilizing reagents and Enzyme-Antibody Conjugates on an OEM basis for a large and several mid-size companies. We are committed to satisfy our customer’s needs by ensuring the best quality of every products we manufacture at an affordable price.

Monoclonal Antibody Production

We have excellent technical expertise for the production, purification, characterization and fragmentation of monoclonal antibodies. For haptens we prepare the immunogens with BSA, KLH and various other carrier proteins through amine, carboxyl or sulphydryl groups.

Polyclonal Antibody Production

Polyclonal antibodies can be provided to you in the form of neat serum or purified IgG. We can also perform testing to check titers of antibodies by Indirect ELISA.

Custom Conjugation

We conjugate antibodies or antigens to HRP, Alkaline Phosphatase, Biotin, Phycoerythrin, FITC etc. We carry out conjugations under condition that do not effect the biding properties of proteins. We use cross linkers with different chain length and functional groups to obtain optimum sensitivity.

Contract Immunochromatic Assay Development [Lateral Flow]

Dx-Sys Inc., specializes in developing lateral flow immunochromatographic assays. Lateral flow immunoassays represent a significant portion of today’s point of care market because of their speed, low cost and simplicity. We offer both short term feasibility studies and full scale development and manufacturing phases.

Contract Immunochromatic Assay Development [Flow Through]

Dx-Sys Inc., specializes in developing Rapid flow through immunochromatographic assays. Rapid flow immunoassays are very useful in the point of care market because of their simplicity, low cost and speed. The assay cassettes are disposable units suitable for one-time use and can be readily assembled. We offer both short term feasibility studies and full scale development and manufacturing of the device.

Contract Manufacturing of ELISA Components and Kits

We have expertise in the development of ELISA components and kits for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies.We immobilise antigen or antibody on microtiter plates to yield the highest activity and stability. These plates can be used for QC and R & D applications as well as analytical assay kits. We also manufacture the kits for specific antigen or antibody. Our custom coated plates are stable at room temperature for 4 years.

Set up QC protocols and SOP’s

We set up QC and validation protocols for laboratories and Immuno Diagnostic companies for GLP and GMP.

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